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About us

We are an ambitious and forward thinking organisation.  We were fully authorised by the NHS Commissioning Board with no conditions from April 2013. 

We remain committed to working with other NHS organisations, and partners including Bury Council, those within the third sector such as voluntary organisations and local people in relation to the delivery of our agenda, working in collaboration to ensure that the services that we plan and purchase are high quality, meet peoples’ needs and offer good value for money.

We are committed to more joined-up working with the Local Authority, including an aspiration to become ‘one commissioning’ function to ensure quality and value is gained from the ‘Bury Health and Social Care pound’.   We have identified areas where our financial resources can be pooled, which is a change from the historic arrangement in place of separate health and social care budgets. We will continue to identify new areas where our legislative framework allows us to operate in this way to not only ensure best value, but to enable our patients to experience care and services that are seamless, personalised, high quality, responsive and eliminate avoidable and unnecessary delays.

Bury’s vision for joined up health and social care is outlined in its Locality Plan.  This year we have undertaken significant work on refreshing this to be more ambitious so that our population, both now and future generations can experience better health outcomes.

The plan outlines the town’s vision for the future of health and social care services which will involve closer working between these services so that they are more co-ordinated and people only have to tell their story once, whilst making services more convenient and accessible for people.  Preventing poor health and intervening quickly with care and support when it is needed is a key theme in Bury’s plan, as is making sure people have the support and information they need to take an active part in their own health and wellbeing.

We continue to embrace the challenges ahead of us to make a difference for our population.

All 31 GP practices in Bury are known as our ‘Member Practices’, and together we are working to achieve a healthier Bury by commissioning services that meet local needs.  CCGs have clinicians taking the lead on making decisions about local health services and we are committed to giving local health professionals the freedom to respond, innovate and develop services in a way that best meets the needs of local people. 
In addition, a key part of the process to plan and purchase a range of services is ensuring that we listen to patient feedback. We want to hear and learn from patient experience and in turn ensure that this influences the way that services are designed.

Our aspirations are far reaching and include delivering improved outcomes, providing quality services so that patients receive the care that is right for them every time, ensuring better access, reducing health inequalities and ensuring services are locally focussed and more joined up.
During 2016/17, we received a budget of just over £283 million to plan and purchase a range of health services including those provided in hospitals, out in the community and for GP primary care services, for our population of around 190,000 patients.

Our vision and values

Our vision is to continually improve Bury’s Health and Wellbeing by listening to you and working together across boundaries.

Our values are:

  • To be inclusive and transparent about the decisions we make
  • To challenge inequalities through partnership working
  • To be bold, inclusive and supportive
  • To value everyone
  • To listen and learn
  • To secure people centred, clinically effective, efficient and sustainable care


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