Don't hesitate, vaccinate

For the most comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate source of information on vaccines, disease and immunisation in the UK, visit the NHS immunisation website

Childhood immunisations introduction

Immunisation is a way of protecting your child against serious disease. Once children have been immunised their bodies can fight those diseases if they come into contact with them.

If a child is not immunised they will be at risk from catching the disease and will rely on other people immunising their children to avoid becoming infected.

You can find all the information you need about the range of routine childhood immunisations including Pneumococcal, MMR and others by visiting

HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccination

The HPV vaccination can help protect eligible girls from cervical cancer for years to come. The vaccination protects against the two strains of HPV that can cause cervical cancer.

The vaccination is available to year 8 and year 10 girls at school. As part of a catch up programme, young women aged 15 to 18 can get the vaccination from their doctor’s surgery by making an appointment

For more information about the HPV vaccination visit or call the HPV helpline on 0845 602 3303

Seasonal flu

Influenza – flu – is a highly infectious and potentially serious illness caused by the influenza virus.

The seasonal flu vaccine is offered to all people aged 65 years and over, people with certain long-term medical conditions (for example, chronic respiratory and heart disease), health and social care workers, and those who work in close contact with poultry. To find out more about seasonal flu vaccination visit

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