Other support

Did you know you can directly access a number of NHS support services without being referred by your GP?

  • The Bury Directory contains information and advice on a range of health and social care services.
  • You can find out more about caring for you and your family on the NHS Choices website
  • There are useful and innovative self care apps available.
  • You can access urgent health advice by calling 111.
  • The Healthy Minds service is there for you if you are feeling worried, anxious or stressed.
  • Bury Lifestyle Service offers a free personalised service supporting people to improve their health by introducing small changes such as:
    Stopping smoking, healthy eating, weight management, weight loss programme, sleep quality improvement, alcohol dependency support and
    improving health and wellbeing .
  • Bury Council offer a Helping Yourself to Wellbeing course which can be accessed by emailing  or calling 0161 253 7922.
  • One Recovery Bury offers support to recover from substance misuse, providing a range of services, encouragement, support and guidance.  Call 0161 253 6488 for more information.
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