Primary Care Commissioning Committee

Date:  24 August 2016

Time:  12.30 – 13.30

Venue:  Room 503/4 Townside Primary Care Centre, Knowsley Street, Bury, BL9 0SN


Item                                                                                     Action     Presenter

1              Apologies for absence                          Verbal      I           Andrew Clough


2              Declaration of Interests                        Paper 1    R         Andrew Clough


3              Minutes from the last meeting              Paper 2    A         Andrew Clough


4              Action Log                                             Paper 3   R        Andrew Clough


5              Primary Care Finance Report                Paper 4   R       Mike Woodhead


6              Whitefield Health and Care Centre       Paper 5    R       Mike Woodhead

                Risk Register                                        (attached)


7              Extended Working Hours  and             Paper 6     D      Dr Kiran Patel

                Vulnerable Patient Service                  to follow             


8              Primary Care Strategy update             Paper 7      I      Amy Lepiorz


9              MCP Emerging Models of Care           Paper 8     I       Margaret O’Dwyer


10           Find and Treat/Primary Care Model      Verbal      I        Lesley Jones

               For Deprived Communities


11           GP Fed contract meeting minutes         Paper 9         Margaret O’Dwyer


12           Primary Care Quality Improvement      Paper 10   I       Dr Jeff Schryer

               Group minutes                                      (attached)


13           AOB                                      

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