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Self care is the best treatment for minor ailments

Patients in Bury are reminded that minor ailments such as hay fever and sunburn are easily treated by over the counter remedies and a trip to the doctor is not required.

When a patient does need the advice of a healthcare professional, it is important that they access the services of the right health professional at the right time for their condition, for minor ailments, this would be your local community pharmacist or online support via the NHS Choices website.

These message comes as a reminder following NHS Bury Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) decision last September that Bury GPs should no longer routinely prescribe items to treat minor ailments such as hay fever, cold sores, dry skin, dandruff, ear wax and diarrhoea. 

Minor ailments tend to be self-limiting and a  patient would not normally need to see their GP or arrange for a prescription via their Practice.  A well-stocked medicines cabinet will ensure patients are well prepared to treat a range of minor ailments themselves and advice and support is available via the NHS Choices Website.  Taking this approach will save patients time, as well as freeing up both administrative and clinical resources at their Practice to deal with more complex cases. 

If a patient does need the advice of a healthcare professional for their minor ailment, their local community pharmacist who is an expert in medicines and sells a range of over the counter items, will be able to help.

The CCG is currently supporting GP Practices in Bury to review repeat prescriptions that have historically been issued to patients to treat minor ailments.  For those items that will no longer routinely be prescribed by Bury GPs, patients will be contacted individually to explain this change.  

Dr. Kiran Patel, Chair and Clinical Lead for NHS Bury CCG said:  “Minor conditions by their nature are not serious and don’t require a trip to the GP, they will resolve themselves within a short time.  If treatment is needed, over the counter remedies can usually help and you can get these from your local pharmacist who is an expert in medicines.  Using hay fever as an example, community pharmacists are well placed to advise on how to avoid triggers and how to treat your symptoms.”

Date: 23rd May 2016

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