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Bookable GP appointments 7 days a week for Radcliffe patients

Patients registered with a GP Practice in Radcliffe are reminded that routine and urgent appointments with a doctor are available seven days a week.

Towards the end of last year the ‘A Healthier Radcliffe’ pilot project launched to offer GP appointments every day of the week, until 8pm on weekday evenings and from 8am until 6pm during weekends and bank holidays.

This means that appointments are available for patients registered in Radcliffe to book an appointment on Good Friday and Easter Monday, as well as over the Easter weekend.

This innovative scheme has been made possible by the six GP practices in Radcliffe* joining forces to increase access to their services to the 34,000 patients registered with them. 

Whether it’s a routine appointment in the evening without the need to take time off work, or an urgent appointment at the weekend, patients can book a slot seven days a week by ringing their GP practice in the usual way.   

The scheme aims to make GP services more accessible and responsive whilst reducing the number of trips to A&E for conditions which aren’t an emergency. 

Since the scheme launched in December 2013, additional appointments have been made available in the evenings or at the weekends, benefitting over 2,000 patients to date.

Dr. Peter Thomas, a local GP who is involved in the Healthier Radcliffe project said:  “The extended appointments scheme has proved really popular with our patients who have used them.  We are getting some really positive feedback, being more responsive to patients’ needs and providing a quality service seven days a week.”

“We want to spread the word to patients, who may not regularly use GP services, that appointments are available for routine and urgent issues at a time and place that is convenient for them.  By being more accessible and responsive we aim to meet the needs of patients and keep them well, whilst avoiding them having to make unnecessary and time consuming trips to A&E.  To book an appointment, just call your practice in the usual way.” 


*The six GP practices involved in the Healthier Radcliffe pilot project are:

  • Mile Lane Health Centre
  • Monarch Medical Centre
  • Radcliffe Medical Practice
  • Redbank Group Practice
  • Spring Lane Medical Centre
  • The RLC Surgery


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