Radcliffe GPs pilot new model of care

GPs from Redbank Group Practice and Spring Lane Practice are trialling a new way of caring for patients who are most in need by having dedicated Care Coordinators to support them. 

There will be a Care Coordinator focussed on helping adults with long term conditions and another who will support children and families.  They will work with patients to help address health problems including how to manage their illness or support with mental health, as well as social care issues such as housing and welfare.

Care coordination will benefit patients who are frequent users of health and social care services and regularly end up in hospital because they are unable to manage their condition.  It is hoped that by having a dedicated Care Coordinator, they will feel better supported and more able to care for themselves. 

Dr Peter Thomas, GP at Red Bank Group Practice, is leading the initiative for NHS Bury Clinical Commissioning Group.  He said: “The introduction of Care Coordinators is a real boost for local patients. Through health and social care services working together, we can offer patients truly joined up, high quality tailored support.  By focussing not just on health and wellbeing but also wider factors such as housing and transport issues, we aim to reduce health inequalities and improve the quality of life of some of the most vulnerable patients. 

“This may be supporting an adult to manage their long term health condition more effectively or ensuring that a local family has access to the right services to keep them well and offer their children the best opportunities. This is a really good example of how by integrating services, we can make a real difference, which is a key aspiration of NHS Bury CCG.” 

The Care Coordinators are employed by Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, which runs community and mental health services in the Bury area, and will work closely with social services provided by Bury Council.   

Christine Verity is the Care Coordinator for Children and Families, she said: “My goal is to proactively support and empower families to manage their health and social issues and to guide parents to the right services that can help them.  This will help to ensure that children receive the very best start in life we can offer.”

Julie Eastham is the Care Coordinator for adults with long term conditions.  She said: “I will work with patients to set personal goals for what they want to improve about their health and social circumstances and will then help them to develop a personal plan for how they are going to achieve it.  Part of this will involve educating patients about what support is available to them, as well as making sure services work in partnership together.”

The cabinet member for Adult Care, health and wellbeing Cllr Rishi Shori said; “This is a positive move towards closer working of health and social care staff. This pilot will hopefully prove that by working together in a more coordinated way, we can provide people with services closer to their own home, people will be in greater control of the services to meet their needs, and we promote self care for people to remain as independent as possible. It should not matter who employs people what matters is that people and what people expect is that if there are a number of services providing support, they work together to deliver the best outcomes for individuals”.

The project will be piloted over the next 12 months and if deemed successful it could be rolled out across the Bury borough.


Press contact: Laura Rooney, Communications Manager, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust T: 0161 716 3152 E: laura.rooney1@nhs.net

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