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New booklet to support people living with dementia

Bury GPs will take a more active role in the diagnosis and care for patients living with dementia from 1 April.

It is important that people with dementia have regular check-ups and seek support as soon as possible if they develop any health concerns. Bury GPs have received additional training to equip them to both diagnose and provide care of people living with dementia and provide support to their carers, ensuring care is both co-ordinated and closer to home.

To help assist and guide patients who have received a diagnosis, NHS Bury Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has created a new information booklet. The booklet provides a guide for people living with dementia and their carers, explaining the different types of dementia, advice on living with the condition and contact details of organisations that can provide further support to help the person living with dementia to have the best possible quality of life.

Dr Jeffrey Schryer, local GP and mental health lead at NHS Bury CCG, said: “Dementia is a priority in Bury, and we are committed to improving the diagnosis and care of people living with the condition.

“Timely diagnosis and support can enhance the quality of life of people living with dementia and that of their carers. It’s a really important step forward that GPs will be the first port of call in dementia diagnosis and planning care.”

“The new booklet will help people to access the right information and support.”

Click here to download and print the information booklet.

For more ore information about living well with dementia, visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/dementia-guide.

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