Accessing information

NHS Bury CCG respects the rights members of the public have in obtaining information that is held by our organisation. Our publication scheme describes in more detail what information is readily available and what maybe reasonably withheld.

Generally this information will be free of charge, but some charges may apply. Further details on charges can be found in our schedule of charges.

What kind of information can I request?

If you have not been able to find the information you require on our website, then in principle you can request any kind of information the organisations holds. To help understand the different types of information available the following describes these information types in more detail, including links to either request information online or download a form to complete.

Personal Information

To make a request for personal information you must be the person who the information is about or have written authority from that person if you are acting on their behalf, examples of information available, could be your personal details, name, address etc, copies or access to your health record.

To make a request for personal information please download this form and follow the instructions.

Environmental Information (EIR)

This type of information concerns the state of the elements of the environment, such as air and atmosphere, water, soil, landscape and natural sites and the interaction between these elements including human health and safety that may be affected by the state of the environment.

To make request for Environmental Information, please complete this online form or write to the organisation at the address below.

Freedom of Information (FOI)

To make a request for all other types of recorded information the organisation holds, please complete this online form or write to the organisation at the address below.

Making you request in writing

If you wish to make you request in writing then please write to:

NHS Bury CCG, care of the Patient Services Team, Ellen House, Waddington Street, Oldham, OL8 6EE

 Please make sure your written request includes the following information:

  • First Name(s) .
  • Family Name. 
  • Address. 
  • Description of the Information you would like a copy of.     
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