NHS Bury Clinical Commisssioning Group Governing Body Board Meeting
Date: 24th April 2013
Time: 3:00pm
Venue: Townside Primary Care Centre, Knowsley Street, Bury
Regular Items

1.1 Apologies for Absence

      Declarations of Interest previous meeting

·                   Declarations of Interest Agenda

        1.2 Chair’s Introduction (Dr K Patel)

1.3 Minutes of the Previous meeting on the 27th March 2013 and Action Log/Matters Arising (Dr K Patel) (attached) (attached)

      Feedback from MIB outstanding issues  (C Fines)

              Feedback NWAS Meeting 9th April 2013 (S North/S Martin)

        1.4 Chief Officer Designate Report (S North)

        1.5 Patient Cabinet (D McCann)

      Strategic Issues

2.1 Financial Plan and Submission (accounts of the old organisation) (A Lowe) (attached) (attached) (attached)

2.2 Healthier Together Update/Discussion (S North)

2.3 Public Sector Reform in Bury (S Martin) (attached)

2.4 NHS Constitution (SMartin) (attached) (attached) (attached) (attached) (attached)

Performance and Quality

3.1 Integrated Assurance Report  (S Martin) (attached)

3.2 Quality Report (C Jackson) (attached)

3.3 Finance Report and Update (A Lowe)

3.4 Annual Public Health Report for 2012/13 (Dr P Elton) (attached)


4.1 Minutes of Other Meetings (Dr K Patel)

       Draft Clinical Cabinet 10th April 2013

·                     Draft Quality and Risk Committee 28th March 2013

·          Available on request

4.2 Board Business Plan (G Webb) (attached)

4.3 Policy Schedule and Memorandum of Understanding (G Webb) (attached)

For Information/ To Notes

5.1 Date and Time of Next Meeting: 22nd May 2013, 3.00pm, Room 501, Townside PCC, Knowsley Street, Bury.

Exclusion of Press and Public (To resolve that publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted and that the public be excluded)

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